alf and the NET

I have been fascinated by the Internet since I heard about it (which was quite early, back at the University). In fact, I think I can claim "Italian internet pioneer" status : I was webhopping when the dominating Windoze browser was called "Cello" (and, yes, I'm old).

Being the geek I am, my interest has taken a technological twist, so this place is where I am collecting links to various Internet technologies, and more. (And, if you're wondering why I have - so far - failed to cash in on the recent Internet madness, I am wondering too. Must say something about my business prowess.)


For the longest time, I have been a contributor of the English and Italian Wikipedia. I have since concluded that it gets to a point where contributing to that project is a waste of time, like the Red Queen country: you've got to run the hardest you can just to stay put. That was the place I had gotten myself in, at any rate, so I quit the project altogether. Since I have dedicated much time and effort to the (italian) project, and wikipedia things are here today, gone tomorrow, I saved my main contribution. That is the article on Miles Davis, which was given Featured Article status, and of which I was the principal author for the italian version (I estimate I wrote about 90% of it, give or take). You can find the HTML version here, and the PDF version (with discography) is here.

In the process of writing the principal article, I also wrote - or contributed to - several other articles, on related subjects. When I have time I will also link them here.


Half a geological age ago (July 4th, 1999) I translated Eric Raymond's seminal document "The Cathedral and the Bazaar". The translation was published on the Emilia Romagna Linux User's Group (ERLlug) website, of which I had been a founding member, from which it has since disappeared. I believe it was the first such translation. If not, it was definitely one of the first. You can still read it here.

Unicode and all that jazz

I finally got a handle on encodings and Unicode in italian and in english.


I wrote a primer on HTTP. Far from complete, but enough to get one started.

SGML,XML and all that

The Docbook documentation. Also published by O'Reilly. Even if you are not into book writing it has an interesting tutorial on SGML and XML, besides links to other resources.

My bookmarks have sections devoted to markup languages, too.