The Modena Est Jazz Kollectiv

I play (alto sax and flute) in an amateur jazz Big Band, which goes by the (tentative) name of Modena Est Jazz Kollectiv. Our musical director is Geoff Warren.

Flute playing

In 2005 and 2006, I have been attending a very nice 3-day Jazz flute seminar taught by my teacher (sax and flute) Geoff Warren who is also the musical director of the Mo East Jazz Kollectiv above.

Geoff is a terrific teacher and performer, and a nice person, so chek out his web site, attend his concerts and buy his records).

I took pictures of the classes of:

Olly and the GoodFellas

An italian easy jazz group. Great fun

Personal events

My niece did her first communion

On May 287th, 2006

Tripo to India

In the summer of 2004, I visited my good friends Sharat and Sujata in India and attended Sujata's sister wedding

Alessandro Forghieri